The Benefits of Financing and Rebates

What if we told you that a new Hampden County HVAC installation is more affordable than you thought?
January 9, 2023


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November 3, 2022

Hampden County HVAC Financing and Rebates: The Options and their Benefits

Many people find HVAC installation and replacement in Massachusetts too daunting. The average cost of a new system is between $3,000and $6,000 based on the location and system size. Nobody likes spending that amount of money all at once. Who has that amount to drop anyway?

But what if we told you that a new Hampden County HVAC installation might be more affordable than you thought?

When you factor in the regular savings from the energy-efficient HVAC equipment plus an instant rebate from MassSave – or 0% interest financing – the affordability of a new HVAC system in Massachusetts may surprise you.

First, what makes the HVAC system so expensive?

Many factors contribute to the final cost of a system. A part from the unit itself, there are installation and repair costs. As you think about repairs, you cannot overlook spare parts, most of which are expensive.

So, as you plan to install a new Hampden County HVAC system, you want to look beyond the sticker price.

Remember the following important points:

·        Utility companies and government agencies in Massachusetts want households and businesses to be energy-efficient

·        Utility companies and government agencies offer incentives, which may change from time to time

·        Although highly efficient HVAC units tend to cost more, they usually attract more incentives and rebates

Rebates and incentives

Hampden County HVAC has unbeatable rebate offers under the Mass Save program. These apply to many home constructions, renovations, and appliances. The goal here is to encourage the pursuit of energy-efficient and sustainable homes in Massachusetts. Mass Save rebates are available for room air conditioners, heat pumps, smart & programmable thermostats, and gas heating. The complete list of these Mass Save rebates is available here.

Tax Credits

The federal government provides tax credits for high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly HVAC products. If you buy such products and qualify for government HVAC tax credits, then you may apply for credit. You may want to review the Federal tax credit criteria so you can have a smooth process.


Alongside these financing and rebate offers, there areproduct warranties that make the HVAC system purchase even more affordable. Invest in products from Hampden County HVAC with confidence; we offer friendly warranties for all our items.

Hampden County HVAC, MA is ready to help you analyze the available financing options and choose the most suitable one. We’re excited to take care of your next hvac project.

Contact us to start the journey to affordable, energy-efficient, and sustainable heating and cooling for your home with the best hvac financing deals.